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Children  Ministry -  Sundays at 10:00 AM

I-Kidz is led by those who are passionate about igniting a love for Jesus in the hearts of our children. The goal of I-Kidz is the same as the goal for our church: to make disciples who live by God's grace and for His glory at home and across the world.


Youth Ministry - Wednesday Nights at 6:30  PM and Sundays at 9:00 AM

Ignite Student Ministries is dedicated to providing a place for 6th-12th grade students to connect with God, leaders and other students. At Ignite Church we want to help your student grow in their faith and in their knowledge of the Bible. By complimenting what parents are teaching at home, Ignite Church assists with students' spiritual development. Each Wednesday night, students can gather to hang out, worship together and study God's word in a comfortable and safe environment.

SPARKS Ministry for special needs 

Supporting People and Raising Kingdom Servants 

We foster a welcoming and inclusive community for individuals with additional needs and their families.  SPARKS provides opportunities to connect with peers and others during church services and events. Our dedicated volunteers work one on one to provide a nurturing, sensory rich environment, while learning and growing in their faith. We also host respite events for individuals with special needs and their siblings 2 to 3 times a year.  Our goal at Ignite Church is to be a place where everyone feels welcomed, wanted, and supported.

For more information, please contact the SPARKS Ministry leader, Cory Graham at [email protected] or 314-255-4241


Women's Ministry

Ignite Church is committed to advancing God's kingdom through ministries that equip women to grow, serve, and reach out with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through leadership training, retreats and fellowship times, the BLAZE women of Ignite Church grow through transformational relationships which unites them in Christ to impact their families, church, and community.


Men's Ministry

MAN UP! God's Way is dedicated to changing the way Christian men live and act. We want to change Christian men from being complacent, lazy and disobedient to God's word. With Jesus Christ as our example, we will strive to teach men to be more Christ-like every day.

MAN UP! God's Way, was founded in an effort to call "lukewarm" Christian men to stop being "spiritual sissies" and start living up to the challenge that God has laid out before us in His holy Word.

Too many men in the church are living a disobedient life by being "lukewarm". The consequences, for living the way, are extreme. Look at what Jesus says "So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you our of My mouth". (Revelation 3:16) Neither hot nor cold, is what many Christian men have become.

In an effort to change the direction of Christian men, MAN UP! God's Way is challenging the manhood of these men. MAN UP doesn't believe that being a man means you can chew through steel or bend iron, but that being a man means we will be disciplined in our relationship with Christ, in our marriage, as a father, in our service at church, at work, in accountability to one another and in discipleship.

It's time, time to MAN UP!

Visit the MAN UP! GOD'S WAY Website!