Doctrine of Atonement

The doctrine of atonement refers to the belief in Christianity that Jesus Christ's death on the cross was a sacrifice for the sins of humanity, making it possible for individuals to be reconciled with God. If you haven't had an opportunity to listen to last week's sermon, you can click here...
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Here are some key points to consider when studying  the doctrine of atonement:

  1. The concept of atonement is rooted in the Old Testament concept of sacrifice, in which an animal was offered as a substitute for the sins of the people.
  2. Jesus, as the Son of God, is believed to be the ultimate and perfect sacrifice for sins, once and for all.
  3. The death of Jesus on the cross is seen as a substitutionary atonement, where Jesus took the punishment for the sins of humanity upon himself, thus satisfying the justice of God.
  4. The resurrection of Jesus is also an important aspect of the doctrine of atonement, as it demonstrates that God accepted the sacrifice and that the atonement was effective in reconciling humanity with God.
  5. The doctrine of atonement is not only about the forgiveness of sins, but also about the restoration of the broken relationship between God and humanity.
  6. Unfortunately, The doctrine of atonement is not universal within Christianity, different denominations have different understanding of it.
  7. The atonement can be understood as a demonstration of God's love, as well as a means of grace by which humanity can be saved.
In your study, it is important to consider different perspectives and interpretations of the doctrine of atonement within Christianity. This will help you when you're sharing the gospel.  

Pastor Jody

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