What Would Jesus Do?

Christians will never be perfect and by nature, we are sinners. The only perfect being is Jesus. Although we can never walk a sinless life like Him, we can strive to live a more Christ like life. Putting in effort to be the best version of ourselves for God is extremely important.

Christians are exposed to worldly people and to the desires of the flesh. The enemy will try to tempt believers into sin. It is an unfortunate reality that Christians face, yet you hold the power to combat temptation. You have the ability to repent and obey God’s commands.

There is one phrase that Christians should abide by… What would Jesus do? In any given situation, it is critical to keep that question in our hearts and minds. Our Savior would love no
matter what.

Jesus loved people unconditionally, even those who crucified Him. In Luke 23:34 NIV, “Jesus said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” That is a powerful Bible verse that demonstrates the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. He forgave the people who persecuted Him and loved them anyway.

Christians should make an effort to love like Jesus and demonstrate the same kindness through the Holy Spirit. Let His spirit dwell within you. The way we think, speak, react, and behave should attempt to reflect the character of Jesus.

We will never be perfect, but we can make an effort to keep the teachings of Jesus in mind and allow that to navigate aspects of everyday life. We are imperfect people learning from the perfect Savior.

With love,
Lauryn Pyatt
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Ginger Ashley - April 22nd, 2023 at 10:14am

God Bless You Lauren! What a wonderful example you are for young people to emulate in todays upside down world! And on Earth Day I do wonder what Jesus would do if He came down today.

Thank you for your thoughts & you’re an excellent writer!