One Campaign: A Step to Deepen Your Walk with Jesus

One Campaign: A Step to Deepen Your Walk with Jesus
In a world of distractions and endless to-dos, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters in our spiritual journey. The One campaign encourages believers to focus on one simple, achievable action that can significantly deepen their walk with Jesus.

Why One Thing Matters

In the biblical story of Mary and Martha, Jesus highlights the value of focusing on the one necessary thing—our relationship with Him (Luke 10:42). The One campaign takes inspiration from this teaching, reminding us that prioritizing our spiritual health is essential in the midst of life’s busyness.

How to Choose Your One
  1. Reflect: Take a moment to reflect on your spiritual journey. What aspect of your walk with Jesus feels like it needs the most attention right now?
  2. Identify: From your reflection, identify one specific area you want to improve or deepen. This could be prayer, Bible study, community involvement, or something personal to your faith journey.
  3. Set a Goal: Make this area your primary spiritual goal. Please keep it simple and achievable. For example, if you chose prayer, your goal might be to spend five uninterrupted minutes in prayer each morning.
  4. Commit: Dedicate yourself to this goal. Setting reminders or finding accountability through friends, family, or your church community might be helpful.

My Suggestion for Your One
If you're unsure where to start, consider focusing on gratitude. Each day, find one thing to be grateful for and thank God for it in your prayers. This simple act can transform your perspective, increase your awareness of God’s blessings, and deepen your faith.

The Power of Small Steps
The beauty of the One campaign is in its simplicity. By focusing on one small, manageable aspect of your faith, you create room for significant spiritual growth. This singular focus can lead to a ripple effect, positively impacting other areas of your life and faith.

Share Your Journey
As you embark on this journey, I encourage you to share your experiences with others. Testimonies have a powerful way of encouraging and inspiring fellow believers. Your story might be just what someone else needs to hear.

Finally, remember that spiritual growth is a journey, not a race. Some days will be easier than others. What’s important is your commitment to walk this path, one step at a time, with Jesus as your guide.

The One campaign isn’t about grand gestures or overhauling your entire spiritual life overnight. It’s about finding one thing you can do to draw closer to Jesus and faithfully pursuing that goal. As you focus on your One, I pray you'll experience a deeper, more meaningful walk with Christ.

Pastor Jody

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