Rethinking Spiritual Leadership: A Closer Look at Steven Furtick's Teachings

What is a false teacher?

False teachers are people who try to interpret the Bible in new ways, claiming that they have a "new Revelation" or a "new way to interpret scripture".  They are often arrogant, ignorant of spiritual truth, and spend their time speculating in foolish ways. False teachers are usually popular and have followers, which can lead to the blaspheming of truth. They may come across as wise and convincing, leading many to mistake their worldly wisdom for spiritual wisdom.

In the vast landscape of modern Christian leadership, few figures are as polarizing as Steven Furtick, the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church. Known for his charismatic delivery and modern church growth strategies, Furtick has cultivated a wide following. However, his approach and teachings have also raised concerns among traditional and conservative Christian circles. This blog aims to explore these concerns and why we should not follow him or watch his sermons.

1. Theological Concerns
Critics of Furtick often point to his theological interpretations, which some argue deviate from traditional evangelical doctrines. For instance, his sermons sometimes emphasize personal success and emotional well-being, which are aligned more closely with prosperity gospel teachings than with mainstream Christian doctrine. He teaches "little god" doctrine and more. It's important for people to critically evaluate the scriptural basis of any leader's teachings, comparing them with the broader context of the Bible. For a deeper dive into theological concerns click here

2. Transparency and Accountability
Another point of contention is the governance structure at Elevation Church. Reports suggest a lack of financial transparency and accountability, with decisions highly centralized around Furtick himself. In any church, especially one as large as Elevation, ensuring transparent governance is crucial to maintaining trust and ethical integrity.

This post is not a definitive critique but an invitation to dialogue. Whether you are a supporter of Steven Furtick or a critic, it's valuable to engage in discussions that challenge your views and deepen your understanding. Spiritual leadership should not be about unquestioned authority and questionable hermeneutics, but about guiding individuals toward a deeper, more personal faith.

As we navigate the complexities of modern church leadership, it's essential to maintain a spirit of grace and humility. Leaders like Steven Furtick have undoubtedly impacted many lives positively, but like all leaders, they must be open to scrutiny and discussion. As your pastor, I would deem Futic a false teacher and one to stay away from. Over the next few days, I will be critiquing celebrity pastors and false teachers who do not rightly divide the Word of God. 

Let's commit to a faith journey that embraces transparency, encourages questions, and seeks a deeper understanding of our beliefs. Let us see the heresy being preached in the world today! God open our eyes.

In Love,

Pastor Jody 

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