The Importance of Biblical Forgiveness
by Jody Burkeen on April 23rd, 2024
The Importance of Biblical Forgiveness The concept of forgiveness is found at the heart of many religions and spiritual traditions. The Bible has much to say about forgiveness, and whatever one’s beliefs, those who study the subject or need help in their personal lives will find much to be drawn from the Bible’s teachings on and examples of forgiveness. In this blog, we will introduce this topic, ...  Read More
One Campaign: A Step to Deepen Your Walk with Jesus
by Jody Burkeen on April 9th, 2024
One Campaign: A Step to Deepen Your Walk with JesusIn a world of distractions and endless to-dos, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters in our spiritual journey. The One campaign encourages believers to focus on one simple, achievable action that can significantly deepen their walk with Jesus.Why One Thing MattersIn the biblical story of Mary and Martha, Jesus highlights the value of focus...  Read More
Embracing the Spirit for a Life of Peace: Reflections on Romans 8:6
by Jody Burkeen on March 13th, 2024
To live "in the flesh" is to be guided by our basest desires and instincts. It's a life that prioritizes materialism, self-gratification, and earthly pleasures.  Read More
We All Worship Differently
by Jody Burkeen on March 6th, 2024
Self-Sufficiency vs. Holy Spirit Sufficiency in Worship At its core, worship expresses reverence and adoration for God. For many, it is a deeply personal and spiritual experience that connects them with God. In our Christian faith, the concept of worship oscillates between two dynamics – self-sufficiency and Holy Spirit sufficiency. Let’s explore these two facets of worship and how they contrast a...  Read More
The Unity in Worship: A Reflection by Pastor Jody
by Jody Burkeen on February 25th, 2024
As a Pastor, I have always found a sense of fulfillment and joy in witnessing the unity of our church congregation during worship. Worship, in its purest form, transcends mere singing or gathering; it becomes a conduit for unity, a melting pot where diverse backgrounds, cultures, and personal stories blend into a wonderful symphony of faith and devotion.What strikes me the most during our worship ...  Read More
The Heart of Worship
by Jody Burkeen on February 21st, 2024
At its core, Christian worship is about acknowledging and honoring God’s supreme value and worth. It's not confined to songs or church services; worship is a lifestyle. It's in how we live, showing gratitude and obedience to God. Worship is our heartfelt response to God's incredible love and mercy. It's a dynamic interaction between the Divine, where we pour out our adoration and us, and God impar...  Read More
Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Spotting False Teachers
by Jody Burkeen on February 14th, 2024
As we walk our faith journey, we often find ourselves navigating through a sea of diverse teachings and doctrines. But amidst these voices, how do we discern the truth? The danger of false teachers, subtle yet profound, lurks within our midst, sometimes unnoticed. How often has a charming new preacher arrived in town, captivating many with his eloquence, only to lead them astray with unscriptural ...  Read More
Biblical Approach to Accusations Of an Elder
by Jody Burkeen on February 13th, 2024
Today, I want to reflect on a verse that holds profound significance for our church life: 1 Timothy 5:19. This scripture offers vital guidance on how we view and interact with our church leaders, emphasizing the importance of accountability and respect within our church family. As we dive into this verse, I pray we open our hearts to the wisdom it imparts about leadership in our faith community.1 ...  Read More
Finding Unity in Our Church: A Reflection on John 10:10
by Jody Burkeen on February 12th, 2024
In the heart of every church community lies a fundamental need for unity. It's the glue that binds us together, allowing us to grow and thrive in our collective faith journey. However, like any family, a church is not immune to the trials of disunity. In reflecting on the Parable of the Good Shepherd, specifically verse John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that t...  Read More
Finding Fulfillment and Community: The Benefits of Consistent Church Attendance
by Jody Burkeen on December 12th, 2023
In our fast-paced and hectic world, carving out time for spiritual growth and community connection can be a challenge. However, attending church consistently is a practice that can bring numerous benefits to your life. Whether you're seeking personal fulfillment, a sense of belonging, or a deeper connection with your faith, regular attendance at a church can provide a meaningful and enriching expe...  Read More
Salvation is Free, But Sanctification Cost, But in a Good Way
by Pastor Jody Burkeen on October 25th, 2023
Salvation is Free, but Sanctification Will Cost YouAs we journey through the realm of Christian faith, we encounter two distinct yet profoundly intertwined concepts: salvation and sanctification. While salvation is often painted as a gracious gift from God, sanctification necessitates unswerving dedication and a relentless commitment on the part of the believer. In this blog, we will embark on an ...  Read More
1 John
by Jody Burkeen on October 17th, 2023
1 John: A Letter of Love and Light1 John is a letter written by the apostle John to the Ephesus church. It is a letter of love and light in which John encourages believers to walk in the truth and to love one another. He also warns against false teachers and the dangers of sin.One of the main themes of 1 John is the importance of love. John writes, "God is love, and whoever abides in love abides i...  Read More